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Helen Bennett complain on phone 01322 612 071
Tuesday, July 27 2021 10:49 AM
I missed a call by a few seconds called it back and they didn't know anything about it he said his name was Graham, I have many friends and family in Dartford and because there is serious health issue with some of them I didn't recognise the number thought it could have been one of them.
Ethan complain on phone 0114 239 6006
Monday, July 26 2021 12:14 PM
Received a scam call
Joy Jackson complain on phone 078 84311741
Monday, July 26 2021 06:10 AM
Unwanted nuisance phone call
Gibbons complain on phone 01273 529 419
Friday, July 23 2021 06:13 AM
Caller purported to be 'Alex' from BT Openreach about my internet connection
Phillip Powis complain on phone 078 61655196
Thursday, July 22 2021 09:42 AM
03704967676 is a scam call!
Please be warned that scammers may call you from this number pretending to be from HMRC and threaten arrest!
J E Thompson complain on phone 01430 876 543
Tuesday, July 20 2021 01:03 PM
Rang this number + did a search - the phone number does not exist
Samantha Kruszczak complain on phone 01494 441 414
Monday, July 19 2021 10:42 AM
Another constant spam caller - how do they get all this untraceable phone numbers!
Ive got more blocked callers than I have contacts
Leonard Thorp complain on phone 781 8428708
Monday, July 19 2021 07:37 AM
Who are these people?
B Crouch complain on phone 0800 731 2617
Thursday, July 15 2021 07:29 AM
This number was on a BT email which when I called BT about the email they said they didn't recognise and never sent the email.
Derek R complain on phone 01386 796 301
Wednesday, July 14 2021 11:28 AM
Recorded message purportedly regarding an Amazon delivery saying our account will be charged £300 if we hung up!!

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